What are XLaces by XTENEX?

XTENEX (indeXed-TENsioning-nEXus) is a worldwide patented elastic shoelace technology that produces adjustable tensioning between a shoes eyelets.

This technology addresses the source of footwear related pain and discomfort: lace migration.

Xtenex - The Fitting Solution

Lace migration is the gradual movement of the shoe lace toward the forward bend of a shoe, which causes two main problems:

  1. Binding; a tightening and restricting pressure at the top of the shoe. This can lead to foot fatigue, pain, numbness and restriction of natural foot swelling.
  2. It loosens the fit around the footwear’s metatarsal area, which causes increased slipping and reduction of forward foot stabilization. This can produce heat friction, which often leads to painful blisters. The unique design of the XLace lacing system solves the problem of lace migration.

XLaces have an elastic core and a series of knots along the entire length of the lace at consistent length intervals. Stretch the lace and the knots disappear, allowing you to thread the lace through the eyelets. Release the tension and the knots reappear. More knots between eyelets lessens the tension; fewer knots between eyelets increases tension. This technology enhances footwear fit, comfort and performance through its many advantages.

Advantages of XLaces:

  • Expansion:  Expand during natural foot swelling and eliminate foot compression.
  • Do not slip:  The knots maintain the original fit by restricting involuntary lace movement through the eyelets (lace migration) keeping the foot stable in the foot bed and increased comfort.
  • No plastic pieces are needed.
  • Eliminates “dual-compression impact”:  Impact #1 = shoe sole hits ground. Impact #2 = foot hits foot bed/sole of shoe.
  • Converts laced shoe into a perfect fitting slip-on:  Never Tie Your Shoelaces Again!
  • Asymmetrical lacing:  The shoe upper can be molded to the natural, nonsymmetric, form of the foot by independently adjusting the tension between each set of eyelets. The unique ability to have different tension zones along the entire lacing system results in a custom fit every time.
  • Enhanced lateral stabilization:  This is achieved by increasing the tension along the left or right side of a shoe upper. This helps to stabilize and support the foot within the foot bed while enhancing footwear and foot care technologies such as orthotics, arch supports and insole technologies.

X200 Lace Close Up

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